PROJECT DOBRO. Five months together!


Today, the number 7! This means that today DOBRO project up for another month!

And now we have five months! It is a fact!

Five months along with you! Five months next! Five months of good performance of all the promises! Five months stable honest work!

Our honest data Sails Friends!

Project Start DOBRO 07/04/2016

153 days online !!

Number of participants 17 671 people !!

The sum of the contributions to the project almost $ 2270000 !!

Derived from the project almost $ 622,000 !!

September in the yard. Heat! The project pays DOBRO! Fact.

Breaking system templates and stereotypes. More and more honest open positive good friends join us!

Necessary to understand the pattern will be "New Year")) Fact!

Pay attention, my friends, that we do not create noise around the DOBRO Project.

The project grows from within itself. To the project are the people themselves. It is important. Very important. DOBRO project has been running for five months and it seems incredible. But it is a fact!

Of course, today we have prepared for you the next portion of the magic:

1. All the positive changes that have been with us from the start of the Project Well now you can track and study on our website at the following link:

2. Friends! On Thursday, September 22 at 20.00 MSK will be held the third Audio conferencing project GOOD. Speaker: Project Manager Maxim DOBRO!

No actors, no dummies, no leading.

All honest. Only in this way we are working!

For more information closer to the conference date.

Now every month we are in a good, comfortable, home communication.

Come. We will wait for you.

Finally the most incredible! But it is a fact!

3. Everyone knows about the training program that launched our good friend Daniel, and the results for which will be published today! The result exceeded all expectations!

So. We have decided to open a training program on a regular basis !! Before a single message on the termination of the period of validity.

Concept of Daniel, we have adjusted a little.

It is important in this program to teach those who do not know how, who did not participate in the projects and does not understand how it works. We do not give out money to all and sundry. This is a concept project GOOD. And we talked about this constantly remind you.

Funds will be allocated to the current activities of the Association.

SO. Program Terms Training! Real learning.

Theory. Practice.

1. Register Online "Project DOBRO?

2. Examine all existing programs, features and conditions of the Project DOBRO.


1. Send an e your username, which is used to register in the "Project DOBRO" and your account Vkontakte. phony accounts will be eliminated immediately. The program is only for real people.

2. At the appointed time to pass the exam on the knowledge of the characteristics of the Project DOBRO. Retaking the exam only once allowed.


1. Join a group in VK: - Official group DOBRO Project. - Fan Group Project DOBRO.

2. Make repost this record, as well as the recording of the first program of assistance to the needy by the Project DOBRO

3. Withdraw at least once in three days.

4. Placement of payments from the DOBRO Project. The discussions in the Official Project Group DOBRO

And, if possible, on MMGP forum.

Training programs result.

Do you offer the contribution of the Project DOBRO to $ 7.77 or 500 rubles (Sberbank system).

If the conditions listed in the credits are not respected, the contribution will be blocked.

DOBRO Project - we are with you!

A good always triumphs!

It is important to believe, friends. We believe in the goodness!

I ask you to convey this news to your friends.

Sep-9-2016 08:17:04 PM

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