Good News Project Dobro!

Important! Good News Project Dobro !!!

Good evening, my dear friends!

Today, June 21 - the longest day of 2016! The summer solstice!

And what is even more important for us to this day in our ancestors was timed

holiday of Ivan Kupala, who even before the adoption of Christianity is celebrated on June 22, the day of summer solstice!

As promised, hot summer news today are waiting for you!

But first, the Project Statistics Dobro.

Number of days of the project 75

The amount of deposits in the project more than $ 464000

Derived from the project more than $ 77,000

The number of participants has passed for 3,500 people and continues to grow!

Dobro Project planning is developing steadily! Despite the summer, the growth rate of the mass of the project increases with each passing day!

Positive moments to date:

1. Getting cash inflow from the participants, whose contributions have been two months under the insurance program! No one person is not out of the project! And it's very good.

2. Time deposit insurance program works!

3. Work Project mobile app Dobro!

4. For almost a month worked First Aid program in need!

During this time assisted 15 participants totaling $ 1,500.

Every day we receive new requests for help and every day try to immediately lend a helping hand.

Read the legally competent members of the First Aid Program can in our group in the VC

Now, what all have been waiting with us!

The most important for us, my friends, is your confidence.

And we try to do anything to earn it.



From today and until 7 July evenly, until the day when we celebrate the three months prior to the date when the official modern society celebrates Midsummer we remove the payment advice from the masters of our Association Power of Light!

We are happy to give you the opportunity to use the services of the best graduates and students of our new Russian schools in 2015 absolutely free. The format of correspondence consultations you can ask any, interest, and questions. Through this resource, everyone will be able to ensure the professionalism of our masters and teachers. The form to submit questions can be found by clicking on the tab Consulting, which is located in the Mill "Power of Light".


Already since July Good meeting in the format of the Project Administrator Dobro will hold on a monthly basis!


Great news for those who are growing spiritually, for those who follow the path of spiritual transformation, for those who are willing and not afraid to change yourself and your life!

Step by step, we begin to open schools and places of power that will allow you to become more aware and acquire new skills.

From today Dobro project gives you the opportunity to participate in seminars, taking place in a stunning location forces away from civilization.

Seminar topics varied. From the types of energy and the chakra system to the laws of karma and egregorial systems.

Important! This is not a recreation center, a school base. A study at the School! If there is interest in our goals and objectives, we invite you to learn. If you do not want to learn - then there is no interest to our problems.

Important! Come to the seminar is restricted to members, past surveys. To get more information and to qualify you must write to the post office Details will be in the response letter.

Important! All expenses, except for transport, project GOOD takes over!

Accommodation, meals, training for you to be absolutely free, Friends!

Fourth, and most important for today, friends !!

From today, the Project Dobro open the possibility to pick up your contribution, net of interest paid, at any time convenient for you!


1. Pick up your contribution can any project participants Dobro, who opened the deposit in an amount not less than $ 50 after June 21, 2016.

2. The contribution shall not be less than $ 50!

3. This option applies only to new deposits opened after June 21, 2016!

The mechanism is simple:

1. You write a letter to the post office asking you to return the body of the deposit, minus interest paid. The letter should be written to the mailbox that is registered in the project.

2. Be sure to specify: your username in the project, the payment system, purse, which will be translated. Purse must match the stored purse in the project.

3. Within 27 days of the contribution of the body, minus the interest paid will be transferred to the details you specified.

Friends, do not miss the opportunity to make the world around them kinder!

Congratulations! I wish you all good and kind!

Jun-22-2016 12:16:00 PM

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