Project Dobro 2 months now, friends!

Good evening, dear friends!

I write to you while on board the aircraft.

A lot of work, a lot of efforts are being made to have everything as I promised you.

Gently, slowly began to work with the regions. Effect happy!

Great news, friends!

Project Dobro 2 months now!

Two months we honestly fulfill their obligations!

Two months we break stereotypes and break through all sorts of obstacles, built by skeptics and envious!

Friends, we will wait for your approval and trust as long as necessary!

We started to give good to people who need it most!

And here is an important point, my friends. For understanding. We're not Santa Claus! We do not give gifts to all who are well behaved)) We are closer to the ambulance.

Write to us. We will try to help those in need.

When all is fair, it is not necessary to come up with reasons not to pay!

In our work, there is no May holidays, there is a protracted summer, which you so afraid of, there is no seasonality.

Continuous sustainable development.

All the rest - it's invented reasons to close the project.

The good news:

deposit insurance program now works on an ongoing basis to the individual notice!
Assistance program works on an ongoing basis to the individual notice!
In the near future we will begin to develop a new direction for our real activity - Cosmoenergetics. The negotiations will start as early as this week!

Project Dobro gaining strength thanks to you, friends! Project Dobro Weight growing! Information begins to take on many of the channels is offline!

Yes .. And one more time, friends .. We do not need your money. They need you. And we give them to you. That's the whole philosophy.
Do not look for a trick. He is not.
We're just different.

Do not miss the opportunity to make the world around them kinder!

Jun-11-2016 05:57:59 PM

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