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mutual crediting service "YaBankir" proposes to invest 100 today and receive 365 dollars a year. This yield is not exactly earn on bank deposits. And all perfectly legal: this and similar services belong to the MFI. It would seem that people should just dash back with their money. The Banki.ru understood why it did not happen.
Why is this not a pyramid
The yield on bank deposits continues to fall. According to the Bank of Russia, the average maximum rate of the top 10 Russian banks by retail deposits in rubles in the first ten days of April amounted to 9.65%. This is the minimum figure for the last year and a half.
In the third decade of March the average maximum rate was 9.77%, ie a decline of 0.12 percentage points. In February and March, the rate fluctuated within a very narrow range - 9,76-9,79%. At its peak in the 15.64% figure was at the end of December 2014, after a sharp rise in the key rate of the Central Bank (just 6.5 p. P., Up to 17% per annum) for the stabilization of the situation on the currency market.
Against this background, the profitability of which is offered to receive from investments in some of these microfinance institutions seem fantastically attractive. But it seems.
Services P2P-lending ( "YaBankir" and many similar sites - that such services) - an investment through microfinance institutions. In turn, the MFIs - absolutely legitimate, regulated CB type of financial activity. Therefore, they are incorrect to compare the financial pyramids, according to an independent financial adviser Natalia Smirnova. "Microfinance companies give loans 300-1 000% per annum, so that may well involve money at 20-40% per annum, - she explains -. Microfinance companies operate in the segment of high-risk loans, so this risk is reflected in the increased rate".
As you know, there are different types of MFIs: those that give out loans to pay and micro-loans (unsecured), and those that give out loans against collateral (cars, apartments, under part in gostenderah), that is provided. MFIs with unsecured loans to risky procedure. Therefore, these investments, according to Natalia Smirnova, can do only people with a high risk appetite, which are ready in the negative scenario, lose some or the entire amount. If we are on the MFIs with loans secured, especially if the MFI on the market since 2011 (it was then in Russia began to regulate microfinance institutions) and to voluntarily insure the risks of default for investors, this type of investment, she said, can be attributed to moderate and recommend to more people.
1% of income per day
Khanty-Mansi "YaBankir '(MFIs' SeverKredit") in its segment, of course, has taken a very aggressive stance. "The company expects to receive income and pay the investor at the rate of 1% per day of the amount of outstanding investment", - stated in the contract with the public offer of the MFI.
Other P2P services also promise relatively high yields, but up to 265% per annum "YaBankire" them away. The yield on the deposits "Vdolg.ru" - up to 30% per annum, mutual credit service Flend announces 15% to 30% per annum. In Loanberry and Zaymov.ru yield determines the lender itself, choosing the borrower, but, judging by the ratings of "investors", she is also in the framework of the "ceiling" of 30-40%.
"Interest is high actually, sometimes interest microlending rates exceeding 1000% per year, but on average are never less than 300%, - explains the general director of" Satellite Asset Management "Alexander Losev -. Naturally, the organization issuing microloans, is ready to share part profits with investors, providing money for subsequent lending. "
It is better to buy
"Microfinance institutions are now living in extremely difficult conditions, and any excess revenues in the hundreds of percent per annum out of the question there, - says the vice-president of the bank" Opening "Vadim Pogosyan -. If microcredit could generate 300% of annual profits, all Russian banks have engaged in just that. However, to believe in such a high percentage is not worth it. those wishing to risk their money is better to buy a lottery ticket or go to the casino. From the point of view of the theory of probability there is a chance to earn a lot more. "
"By itself, the business of microfinance institutions who use ignorance of people and outstanding loans predatory three-digit percentages, immoral, - says Alexander Losev -. For many officials, banking and law enforcement officials spoke about the social irresponsibility, immorality and crime extortionate usury."
"In general, the model P2P networks, lending is nothing strange or wrong in the West such services, such as LendingClub or Zopa, are known and are quite respectable part finteh industry, -. Said Executive Director of the Criminal Code" FINEX Plus "Vladimir Kreindel -. They are based on the availability of credit, make effective preskoring and attract attention from venture capital due to rapid growth. " At the same time, he said, Russia's effective preskoring customers are likely not possible, so that the model of P2P-lending, in fact, does not work.
"Investment is made in a weakly regulated MFI liabilities, which offset the lack of knowledge about customers exorbitant rates, - the expert continues -.. Customers are often unable to service such debts, the MFI model is unstable, which makes this method of investing is extremely risky I would not recommend ever invested MFIs in Russia, despite the interest that they promise! "
"I am a banker"? No, I'm a stockbroker!
According to independent investment analyst Roman Sitnikov, such high interest rates, such as, for example, advertises "YaBankir", it is quite possible to make money on the stock exchange. However, it is necessary to guess where trends are going, which is also quite a risky and uncertain. "For example, can grow biotech industry stocks companies - he says - Or even easier:. Watch futures, options, however, also need to predict the direction of the market in derivatives." "With the right approach to the assessment of the risks and proper methodology for trading derivative financial instruments can be high margin way of investing" - agrees Alexander Losev.
"If you want to get a great profit potential, but with an increased risk, it is necessary to pay attention to the action", - says Vadim Pogosyan. "It is necessary to focus on the formation of a good" all-weather "portfolio of exchange-traded instruments, using, for example, index funds - suggests Vladimir Kreindel -. If you want to take more risk, you can do so through the operation with the" shoulder "When investing in securities. maximize investor is protected from non-market risks at the expense of access to modern and reliable stock exchange and infrastructure. "

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