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Dear Members!

Our Forex Paradise family already accounts for over 300 thousand happy members.
We are proud to announce a big
Forex Paradise convention.
We salute all affiliate structure leaders and regional representatives to join us in this event.

Convention will take place from 7 to 14th November in Hong Kong.

VIP clients who have invested 10k+ EUR/USD will get a free flight, housing and all activities.
Members who have invested 50k+ EUR/USD are allowed to take 2 visitors with them.
Our team will make sure to make your stay as comfortable as possible. Hence, it is necessary to confirm your presence at convention. Please submit the following information to email:
1. Your username in Forex Paradise
2. Your full name, year of birth and passport ID
3. City and airport from which you can perform a flight to Hong Kong.

If you want to apply for participating in this event, please make an investment of at least $1000 and submit your personal information to You can apply for participating in this convention until October, 29.

Official Activities:
Business conferences
Business Motivation Lessons
Administrative Board Speech on Forex Paradise Ltd. Prospects

Throughout 4 days of official programme attendees can join career courses, workshops and participate in various activities.

Career Courses
Career Courses are half-day courses that offer participants an in-depth instruction on advanced topics such as methodology, investment strategies, referral management, and more. Film Screening Panels These take place either during a lunch period or during the evening and take the form of a film showing and moderated Q&A, or a more formal showing and roundtable discussion.
Day 1

08:30 ? 09:30
Welcome Coffee & Registration
09:30 - 11:00
Opening Ceremony

Introduction Speech by Stefan Hendriks. Presentation of company's achievements of the past 2 years. Activity reports of the regional structure leaders.
12:45 ? 14:00
14:00 - 16:00
Asset Management for Micro and Medium-Sized Investments

Conference Hall A.
Hear about the approach taken to develop the Asset Management Policy: the standards, surveys and breaches assessed, the analysis performed and, importantly, what controls form part of the AMP and which have been excluded.
Assessing Risks in Foreign Exchange Trading

Conference Hall B.
The symposium will feature practitioner, vendor and academic presentations.
18:00 - 22:00
Evening Entertainment
Day 2

08:30 ? 09:30
Welcome Coffee & Registration
09:30 - 11:00
Searching for Cyber Security Services for an Investment Platform

Join us for this presentation on 'Analysis of Cyber Attacks Performed on Investment Sector' and 'Cyber Threat Intelligence: What can businesses learn from government'.
12:45 ? 14:00
14:00 - 16:00
Applying Investment Strategies for Medium-Term and Long-Term Perspective

Join a workshop on most common mistakes committed while making investments. You will learn how to avoid negative results and rectify arising problems on the run.
18:00 - 22:00
Evening Entertainment
Day 3

08:30 ? 09:30
Welcome Coffee & Registration
09:30 - 11:00
Building a Solid Affiliate Structure

Learn about firsthand experience of building and managing big affiliate structures. Hear team leaders and regional representatives talk on working with local investors and creating a favorable environment for long-term cooperation.
12:45 ? 14:00
14:00 - 16:00
How To Deal With Rivals: Win-Lose or Win-Win Strategy?

Hear Forex Paradise heads of departments discuss their experience on dealing with rival companies throughout past 2 years.
18:00 - 22:00
Evening Entertainment
Day 4

08:30 ? 09:30
Welcome Coffee & Registration
09:30 - 11:00
Forex Icons: a History of Online and Offline Trader Communities

Discover a 40+ year history of foreign exchange area. Learn about the most memorable trader communities and their success.
12:45 ? 14:00
14:00 - 16:00
Online Fraud: Increased Threats in a Real-Time World

Learn how fraudsters are currently setting the pace in the long-term battle with the banks, and how large corporate entities are struggling with this omnipresent threat.
18:00 - 22:00
Evening Entertainment
4 days of outdoor activities and a cruise ship trip

Sport mountaineering
Beauty Parlour
Artificial Surfing
Entertainment Show
Daily tours to an opera, museums and cultural centers

Final Day:

Closing Ceremony. Awarding Affiliate Structure Leaders

Final segment of the convention includes awarding of affiliate structure leaders, setting goals for the next year and a grand fireworks show.

Oct-7-2016 08:43:14 AM


Dear investors and partners of Forex Paradise!

The time has come to announce the opening of the First International Forex Paradise Convention that will take place in Hong Kong from November, 7 to November, 14.

Convention programme includes seminars, workshops, film screening panels as well as various entertainment activities.

You can learn about the event details by clicking this link:

Keep in mind, that members who invested over 10,000.00 EUR/USD receive invitations for a free trip, housing, catering and other expenses during the convention.

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Kind regards, Forex Paradise team.

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Weekend Bonus Offer

Deposit as per given amount and send us Suppport ticket:-

50$ to 99$ 10% bonus
100$ to 199$ 15% bonus
200$ to 499$ 20% bonus
500$ to 50000$ 30% bonus

Your bonus will reflect within 1 -2 hours just after support request.

Offer is Valid till SUNDAY NIGHT (48 hours Maximum)

HourlyIncome Pvt. Ltd.

Sep-17-2016 09:03:45 AM

PROJECT DOBRO. Five months together!


Today, the number 7! This means that today DOBRO project up for another month!

And now we have five months! It is a fact!

Five months along with you! Five months next! Five months of good performance of all the promises! Five months stable honest work!

Our honest data Sails Friends!

Project Start DOBRO 07/04/2016

153 days online !!

Number of participants 17 671 people !!

The sum of the contributions to the project almost $ 2270000 !!

Derived from the project almost $ 622,000 !!

September in the yard. Heat! The project pays DOBRO! Fact.

Breaking system templates and stereotypes. More and more honest open positive good friends join us!

Necessary to understand the pattern will be "New Year")) Fact!

Pay attention, my friends, that we do not create noise around the DOBRO Project.

The project grows from within itself. To the project are the people themselves. It is important. Very important. DOBRO project has been running for five months and it seems incredible. But it is a fact!

Of course, today we have prepared for you the next portion of the magic:

1. All the positive changes that have been with us from the start of the Project Well now you can track and study on our website at the following link:

2. Friends! On Thursday, September 22 at 20.00 MSK will be held the third Audio conferencing project GOOD. Speaker: Project Manager Maxim DOBRO!

No actors, no dummies, no leading.

All honest. Only in this way we are working!

For more information closer to the conference date.

Now every month we are in a good, comfortable, home communication.

Come. We will wait for you.

Finally the most incredible! But it is a fact!

3. Everyone knows about the training program that launched our good friend Daniel, and the results for which will be published today! The result exceeded all expectations!

So. We have decided to open a training program on a regular basis !! Before a single message on the termination of the period of validity.

Concept of Daniel, we have adjusted a little.

It is important in this program to teach those who do not know how, who did not participate in the projects and does not understand how it works. We do not give out money to all and sundry. This is a concept project GOOD. And we talked about this constantly remind you.

Funds will be allocated to the current activities of the Association.

SO. Program Terms Training! Real learning.

Theory. Practice.

1. Register Online "Project DOBRO?

2. Examine all existing programs, features and conditions of the Project DOBRO.


1. Send an e your username, which is used to register in the "Project DOBRO" and your account Vkontakte. phony accounts will be eliminated immediately. The program is only for real people.

2. At the appointed time to pass the exam on the knowledge of the characteristics of the Project DOBRO. Retaking the exam only once allowed.


1. Join a group in VK: - Official group DOBRO Project. - Fan Group Project DOBRO.

2. Make repost this record, as well as the recording of the first program of assistance to the needy by the Project DOBRO

3. Withdraw at least once in three days.

4. Placement of payments from the DOBRO Project. The discussions in the Official Project Group DOBRO

And, if possible, on MMGP forum.

Training programs result.

Do you offer the contribution of the Project DOBRO to $ 7.77 or 500 rubles (Sberbank system).

If the conditions listed in the credits are not respected, the contribution will be blocked.

DOBRO Project - we are with you!

A good always triumphs!

It is important to believe, friends. We believe in the goodness!

I ask you to convey this news to your friends.

Sep-9-2016 08:17:04 PM

Receive 12% referral commission

CRYPTO-TRADES offers affiliate program that allows you to receive up to 12% referral commission on every individual investment that a referred client makes. Everyone could be Regional Representative of CRYPTO TRADES CO,. LTD.
What are the responsibilities of the Regional Representative?
?? You will need consult clients on the services of the company
?? Attract new customers to the company
?? Promote CRYPTO-TRADES in your region.

30% Daily
for 4 days
Min deposit $10
Earning every days
After 7 Days
Min deposit $10
Payout after plan expire
After 14 Days
Min deposit $100
Payout after plan expire
You can visit our plans page to learn more about out plans.

Harley Blake

President/CEO: Harley Blake
Phone: +44 203 8268679

Aug-3-2016 08:49:32 AM

Good News Project Dobro!

Important! Good News Project Dobro !!!

Good evening, my dear friends!

Today, June 21 - the longest day of 2016! The summer solstice!

And what is even more important for us to this day in our ancestors was timed

holiday of Ivan Kupala, who even before the adoption of Christianity is celebrated on June 22, the day of summer solstice!

As promised, hot summer news today are waiting for you!

But first, the Project Statistics Dobro.

Number of days of the project 75

The amount of deposits in the project more than $ 464000

Derived from the project more than $ 77,000

The number of participants has passed for 3,500 people and continues to grow!

Dobro Project planning is developing steadily! Despite the summer, the growth rate of the mass of the project increases with each passing day!

Positive moments to date:

1. Getting cash inflow from the participants, whose contributions have been two months under the insurance program! No one person is not out of the project! And it's very good.

2. Time deposit insurance program works!

3. Work Project mobile app Dobro!

4. For almost a month worked First Aid program in need!

During this time assisted 15 participants totaling $ 1,500.

Every day we receive new requests for help and every day try to immediately lend a helping hand.

Read the legally competent members of the First Aid Program can in our group in the VC

Now, what all have been waiting with us!

The most important for us, my friends, is your confidence.

And we try to do anything to earn it.



From today and until 7 July evenly, until the day when we celebrate the three months prior to the date when the official modern society celebrates Midsummer we remove the payment advice from the masters of our Association Power of Light!

We are happy to give you the opportunity to use the services of the best graduates and students of our new Russian schools in 2015 absolutely free. The format of correspondence consultations you can ask any, interest, and questions. Through this resource, everyone will be able to ensure the professionalism of our masters and teachers. The form to submit questions can be found by clicking on the tab Consulting, which is located in the Mill "Power of Light".


Already since July Good meeting in the format of the Project Administrator Dobro will hold on a monthly basis!


Great news for those who are growing spiritually, for those who follow the path of spiritual transformation, for those who are willing and not afraid to change yourself and your life!

Step by step, we begin to open schools and places of power that will allow you to become more aware and acquire new skills.

From today Dobro project gives you the opportunity to participate in seminars, taking place in a stunning location forces away from civilization.

Seminar topics varied. From the types of energy and the chakra system to the laws of karma and egregorial systems.

Important! This is not a recreation center, a school base. A study at the School! If there is interest in our goals and objectives, we invite you to learn. If you do not want to learn - then there is no interest to our problems.

Important! Come to the seminar is restricted to members, past surveys. To get more information and to qualify you must write to the post office Details will be in the response letter.

Important! All expenses, except for transport, project GOOD takes over!

Accommodation, meals, training for you to be absolutely free, Friends!

Fourth, and most important for today, friends !!

From today, the Project Dobro open the possibility to pick up your contribution, net of interest paid, at any time convenient for you!


1. Pick up your contribution can any project participants Dobro, who opened the deposit in an amount not less than $ 50 after June 21, 2016.

2. The contribution shall not be less than $ 50!

3. This option applies only to new deposits opened after June 21, 2016!

The mechanism is simple:

1. You write a letter to the post office asking you to return the body of the deposit, minus interest paid. The letter should be written to the mailbox that is registered in the project.

2. Be sure to specify: your username in the project, the payment system, purse, which will be translated. Purse must match the stored purse in the project.

3. Within 27 days of the contribution of the body, minus the interest paid will be transferred to the details you specified.

Friends, do not miss the opportunity to make the world around them kinder!

Congratulations! I wish you all good and kind!

Jun-22-2016 12:16:00 PM

Project Dobro 2 months now, friends!

Good evening, dear friends!

I write to you while on board the aircraft.

A lot of work, a lot of efforts are being made to have everything as I promised you.

Gently, slowly began to work with the regions. Effect happy!

Great news, friends!

Project Dobro 2 months now!

Two months we honestly fulfill their obligations!

Two months we break stereotypes and break through all sorts of obstacles, built by skeptics and envious!

Friends, we will wait for your approval and trust as long as necessary!

We started to give good to people who need it most!

And here is an important point, my friends. For understanding. We're not Santa Claus! We do not give gifts to all who are well behaved)) We are closer to the ambulance.

Write to us. We will try to help those in need.

When all is fair, it is not necessary to come up with reasons not to pay!

In our work, there is no May holidays, there is a protracted summer, which you so afraid of, there is no seasonality.

Continuous sustainable development.

All the rest - it's invented reasons to close the project.

The good news:

deposit insurance program now works on an ongoing basis to the individual notice!
Assistance program works on an ongoing basis to the individual notice!
In the near future we will begin to develop a new direction for our real activity - Cosmoenergetics. The negotiations will start as early as this week!

Project Dobro gaining strength thanks to you, friends! Project Dobro Weight growing! Information begins to take on many of the channels is offline!

Yes .. And one more time, friends .. We do not need your money. They need you. And we give them to you. That's the whole philosophy.
Do not look for a trick. He is not.
We're just different.

Do not miss the opportunity to make the world around them kinder!

Jun-11-2016 05:57:59 PM

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Jun-4-2016 07:51:02 AM

IBANKER! With us are considered!

mutual crediting service "YaBankir" proposes to invest 100 today and receive 365 dollars a year. This yield is not exactly earn on bank deposits. And all perfectly legal: this and similar services belong to the MFI. It would seem that people should just dash back with their money. The understood why it did not happen.
Why is this not a pyramid
The yield on bank deposits continues to fall. According to the Bank of Russia, the average maximum rate of the top 10 Russian banks by retail deposits in rubles in the first ten days of April amounted to 9.65%. This is the minimum figure for the last year and a half.
In the third decade of March the average maximum rate was 9.77%, ie a decline of 0.12 percentage points. In February and March, the rate fluctuated within a very narrow range - 9,76-9,79%. At its peak in the 15.64% figure was at the end of December 2014, after a sharp rise in the key rate of the Central Bank (just 6.5 p. P., Up to 17% per annum) for the stabilization of the situation on the currency market.
Against this background, the profitability of which is offered to receive from investments in some of these microfinance institutions seem fantastically attractive. But it seems.
Services P2P-lending ( "YaBankir" and many similar sites - that such services) - an investment through microfinance institutions. In turn, the MFIs - absolutely legitimate, regulated CB type of financial activity. Therefore, they are incorrect to compare the financial pyramids, according to an independent financial adviser Natalia Smirnova. "Microfinance companies give loans 300-1 000% per annum, so that may well involve money at 20-40% per annum, - she explains -. Microfinance companies operate in the segment of high-risk loans, so this risk is reflected in the increased rate".
As you know, there are different types of MFIs: those that give out loans to pay and micro-loans (unsecured), and those that give out loans against collateral (cars, apartments, under part in gostenderah), that is provided. MFIs with unsecured loans to risky procedure. Therefore, these investments, according to Natalia Smirnova, can do only people with a high risk appetite, which are ready in the negative scenario, lose some or the entire amount. If we are on the MFIs with loans secured, especially if the MFI on the market since 2011 (it was then in Russia began to regulate microfinance institutions) and to voluntarily insure the risks of default for investors, this type of investment, she said, can be attributed to moderate and recommend to more people.
1% of income per day
Khanty-Mansi "YaBankir '(MFIs' SeverKredit") in its segment, of course, has taken a very aggressive stance. "The company expects to receive income and pay the investor at the rate of 1% per day of the amount of outstanding investment", - stated in the contract with the public offer of the MFI.
Other P2P services also promise relatively high yields, but up to 265% per annum "YaBankire" them away. The yield on the deposits "" - up to 30% per annum, mutual credit service Flend announces 15% to 30% per annum. In Loanberry and yield determines the lender itself, choosing the borrower, but, judging by the ratings of "investors", she is also in the framework of the "ceiling" of 30-40%.
"Interest is high actually, sometimes interest microlending rates exceeding 1000% per year, but on average are never less than 300%, - explains the general director of" Satellite Asset Management "Alexander Losev -. Naturally, the organization issuing microloans, is ready to share part profits with investors, providing money for subsequent lending. "
It is better to buy
"Microfinance institutions are now living in extremely difficult conditions, and any excess revenues in the hundreds of percent per annum out of the question there, - says the vice-president of the bank" Opening "Vadim Pogosyan -. If microcredit could generate 300% of annual profits, all Russian banks have engaged in just that. However, to believe in such a high percentage is not worth it. those wishing to risk their money is better to buy a lottery ticket or go to the casino. From the point of view of the theory of probability there is a chance to earn a lot more. "
"By itself, the business of microfinance institutions who use ignorance of people and outstanding loans predatory three-digit percentages, immoral, - says Alexander Losev -. For many officials, banking and law enforcement officials spoke about the social irresponsibility, immorality and crime extortionate usury."
"In general, the model P2P networks, lending is nothing strange or wrong in the West such services, such as LendingClub or Zopa, are known and are quite respectable part finteh industry, -. Said Executive Director of the Criminal Code" FINEX Plus "Vladimir Kreindel -. They are based on the availability of credit, make effective preskoring and attract attention from venture capital due to rapid growth. " At the same time, he said, Russia's effective preskoring customers are likely not possible, so that the model of P2P-lending, in fact, does not work.
"Investment is made in a weakly regulated MFI liabilities, which offset the lack of knowledge about customers exorbitant rates, - the expert continues -.. Customers are often unable to service such debts, the MFI model is unstable, which makes this method of investing is extremely risky I would not recommend ever invested MFIs in Russia, despite the interest that they promise! "
"I am a banker"? No, I'm a stockbroker!
According to independent investment analyst Roman Sitnikov, such high interest rates, such as, for example, advertises "YaBankir", it is quite possible to make money on the stock exchange. However, it is necessary to guess where trends are going, which is also quite a risky and uncertain. "For example, can grow biotech industry stocks companies - he says - Or even easier:. Watch futures, options, however, also need to predict the direction of the market in derivatives." "With the right approach to the assessment of the risks and proper methodology for trading derivative financial instruments can be high margin way of investing" - agrees Alexander Losev.
"If you want to get a great profit potential, but with an increased risk, it is necessary to pay attention to the action", - says Vadim Pogosyan. "It is necessary to focus on the formation of a good" all-weather "portfolio of exchange-traded instruments, using, for example, index funds - suggests Vladimir Kreindel -. If you want to take more risk, you can do so through the operation with the" shoulder "When investing in securities. maximize investor is protected from non-market risks at the expense of access to modern and reliable stock exchange and infrastructure. "

May-27-2016 06:01:57 PM

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